Registered Provider of Professional Learning and Education (RPPLE®) Program

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The ACVREP Registered Provider of Professional Learning and Education (RPPLE®) program allows providers of continuing education (CE) the opportunity to demonstrate the ability to meet rigorous standards and requirements for the design, development, and implementation of meaningful CE programs. Organizations with ACVREP RPPLE® status make a strong statement about their commitment to professionals in the field and the need to provide meaningful professional learning activities to enhance the quality of services provided to consumers.

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In order to improve the process for continuing education approval and to allow providers to more quickly and efficiently indicate ACVREP approval for their events, ACVREP has created two categories of RPPLE® provider effective January 1, 2015. All continuing education providers who wish to receive ACVREP continuing education approval for their events or online courses will be either Category 1 or Category 2.

  • Category 1 mirrors the current RPPLE® program and is of benefit to frequent providers of continuing education events or providers of online courses. A Nonprofit or Government entity pays an Application Fee of $300 - $600 for a For Profit - to be approved for three years. Each year an Annual Fee is due of $500 for Nonprofit or Government entity and $1,000 Annual Fee for a For Profit. The annual fee covers unlimited events and online courses. A Category 1 RPPLE® provider may Register their events, but is not required to do so for the certificate holders to receive points toward Recertification.

  • Category 2 is for all other providers of continuing education who have fewer events annually. The current annual fee of $75 will be replaced with a RPPLE® Category 2 Application Fee of $225 that will be due at application. RPPLE® Category 2 approval is valid for three years. The continuing education provider will pay for each event based on its number of days at the time the event is Registered on the ACVREP website. For example one event for two days would be $100 for a Nonprofit or Government entity and $200 for a For Profit. A second event of one day would be $50 for a Nonprofit or Government entity and $100 for a For Profit. Those fees would be paid as each event is Registered. Even though a RPPLE® Category 2 provider does not need to get each event approved, only events that are Registered on the ACVREP website may be used by certificate holders as points toward Recertification.

RPPLE® Application

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RPPLE® Events

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Organizations in both categories will be approved as providers for three years and will not have to seek approval for their individual events during that period. With the launch of the new website the continuing education providers will be able to log in to their account on the ACVREP website once they are approved as RPPLE® Category 1 or Category 2 and Register their events.

Once approved, all continuing education providers will be able to use the RPPLE® logo in advertising and marketing their events.

No longer will continuing education providers have to apply for approval of each individual event.

THE RPPLE® EFFECT: Promoting and Supporting Quality CE Programs

Although individual CE programs are not reviewed under the ACVREP RPPLE® program, RPPLE® providers are required to register each CE program intended to award ACVREP contact hours no later than 10 business days prior to the scheduled activity or event. Program registration information will be used by ACVREP for internal auditing purposes and to advertise the CE activity on the ACVREP website. ACVREP RPPLE® providers may register CE programs courses well in advance of the scheduled date of the program to maximize promotional opportunities made available by ACVREP.

Under the RPPLE® Category 1 program, each CE activity/event registered by a RPPLE® Category 1 provider is recognized as an ACVREP approved continuing education program for the duration of the calendar year in which it was registered.


Organizations seeking to become ACVREP RPPLE® providers must complete and submit theACVREP Registered Provider of Professional Learning and Education (RPPLE®)

Category 1 Fees
Application Fee:

$300 (Nonprofit/Government entity) // $600 (For Profit)

Annual Fee:

$500 (Nonprofit/Government entity) // $1000.00 (For Profit)

3-Year Review Fee:

$300 (Nonprofit) // $600 (For Profit) - Payable at the end of 3 years if provider wishes to renew.

Category 2 Fees
Application Fee:

$225 all providers

Event Fee:

$50 per day (Nonprofit/Government entity) // $100 per day (For Profit)

3-Year Review Fee:

$225 all providers - Payable at the end of 3 years if provider wishes to renew.


RPPLE® providers may use the ACVREP RPPLE® logo only in those marketing or promotional materials for CE activities for which ACVREP contact hours are awarded. ACVREP RPPLE® providers are not permitted to modify logo (except for logo size) in marketing or promotional materials. Furthermore, ACVREP RPPLE® providers are not permitted identify themselves as RPPLE® providers in any marketing or promotional materials for CE activities that are not intended to awarded ACVREP contact hours.


1. How long does the initial ACVREP RPPLE® application process take?

While the application is comprehensive in scope, it does not require more than what should already be developed as part of a strong CE provider program.

Once ACVREP launches its new website in January 2015 you will submit your application online and upload any supporting documents. You should expect to hear from ACVREP within 60 days. ACVREP may ask for additional materials and/or information to complete the review of the application.

2. Is there anything we can do to speed up the review of our application?

Yes. Make sure the application is complete and includes all supporting materials. Also it helps to have one contact person responsible for answering any inquires or requests for additional information from ACVREP.

3. Can we offer ACVREP contact hours once we have submitted our application?

No. ACVREP contact hours may only be awarded for CE activities that are offered after the provider has received confirmation that the provider is an approved ACVREP Category 1 or Category 2 RPPLE® provider.

Further, ACVREP Category 2 RPPLE® providers may not award ACVREP contact hours for CE activities unless their events have been properly Registered on the ACVREP website.


For more information regarding the ACVREP RPPLE® continuing education approval program, please contact:

Phone: 520.887-6816

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