ACVREP Recertification and Continuing Education Opportunities

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A critical function of professional certification is the continual enhancement of individual professional competency. To facilitate this responsibility, The Academy's recertification process mandates that all ACVREP certified professionals participate in continuing education (CE) opportunities and other professional development activities, such as presenting at professional conferences. In addition, Academy certified professionals are required to consistently provide services in an ethical manner according to the Code of Ethics.

All Academy certified professionals are required to renew their certification through the recertification process every five years except for CATIS who must recertify every two years. This requirement promotes The Academy's mission of advancing professional competency to support the provision of quality service.

The  online submission of the application for Recertification is due by 11:59 PM Eastern time on the 1st day of the month in which your certification expires, for example March 1 for a March 31 expiry. Any application received later than this time will be assessed a Late Fee in the amount identified on the fee schedule.

Recertification Resources

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Recertification Scholarship

To apply for the Recertification Fee Increase Scholarship Program, please carefully review the following documents.

You must be pre-approved prior to applying for recertification. Once you have been pre-approved, a voucher for the amount of $45.00 (USD) will be applied to your account. You will then apply for recertification as normal.

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