ACVREP Recertification and Continuing Education Opportunities

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A critical function of professional certification is the continual enhancement of individual professional competency. To facilitate this responsibility, The Academy's recertification process mandates that all ACVREP certified professionals participate in continuing education (CE) opportunities and other professional development activities, such as presenting at professional conferences. In addition, Academy certified professionals are required to consistently provide services in an ethical manner according to the Code of Ethics.

All Academy certified professionals are required to renew their certification through the recertification process every five years except for CDBIS who must recertify every four years and CATIS who must recertify every two years. This requirement promotes The Academy's mission of advancing professional competency to support the provision of quality service to the consumer.

The  online submission of the application for Recertification is due by 11:59 PM Eastern time on the 1st day of the month in which your certification expires, for example March 1 for a March 31 expiry. Any application received later than this time will be assessed a Late Fee in the amount identified on the fee schedule.

Recertification is a 2 Step Process.  

Step 1

  • Log into your account at  
  • On the righthand side of the webpage, locate the link and click “My Recertification Tracker”
  • Each category will have an “Add New …” button. Fill out the desired category by selecting that button, completing the form, and saving the information.
  • Once the information has been saved, you may then submit your document by selecting the “Upload” button to the right of the item you just added.
  • When you select the “Upload” button, you will select “Choose File,” locate the file on your computer and attach the file, then select the “Upload File.” (You may submit the documents by scanning them or by taking digital pictures and making sure the documents are legible.)
  • If you have made a mistake on any of the items you have added, you may use the “Remove” button directly to the right side of the item. Then resubmit the information and documentation.
  • Once you have added and uploaded all of the documentation to the recertification tracker, you will then be ready to go to the recertification application link
  • For Category 2 here is the link to a sample Employer Verification Letter:

Step 2

  • When you are ready to recertify, on the righthand side, locate and click the “Recertify” link that will take you to the recertification application
  • Complete the form including payment. You may choose to pay via credit card or by online check.
  • ACVREP will review your application once submitted along with the documentation that you placed in your Recertification Tracker. If all of the information supports recertification you will be recertified. If there are any issues with your application and documents in the Recertification Tracker you will be placed in requesting information and notified weekly by ACVREP until the issues have been addressed.

Also note that points and documentation in order to be accepted MUST BE WITHIN THE 5 YEAR RECERTIFICATION TERM. If you attended an event, made a presentation, or served on a committee or had work experience prior to your last recertification date or your initial certification date if this is your first recertification, then the system will not allow you to submit the application.

For multiple recertifications you will receive a discount on the second/and third recertification if they are submitted within 48 hours of the first application. When you submit the first application for recertification you will pay the full price, then once you submit the 2nd/3rd application you will see the discounted price as long as it is within 48 hours of the first submission of the first application. The discount will be indicated when you apply for the 2nd certification/3rd recertification at the payment page. Your documentation will stay in your "Recertification Tracker" for 48 hours to allow you to add/remove documentation for the next Application for Recertification.  After the 48 hour period from the first application you will no longer receive a discount and the information previously placed in your recertification tracker will no longer be in the tracker to support any additional applications for recertification.


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