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COMS Study Guide

This 37 page COMS examination Study Guide covers content material relevant to the ACVREP COMS exam. The study guide includes access to online sample exam of 20 questions, allowing you to familiarize yourself with ACVREP's online testing process that includes multiple choice and multiple select exam questions. Once you purchase the Study Guide you will receive an email with the guide and instructions on accessing the sample exam.


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CLVT Practice Exam

This 196 question, 5 hour, online CLVT Practice Exam covers the content material relevant to the ACVREP CLVT exam and will enable you to test your knowledge in the Domain areas covered on the certification exam. At the end of the online Practice Exam, once you submit your test, you will receive feedback online at the end showing you all of the questions that were not answered correctly and what the correct answers are so that you may focus your further study prior to taking the certification exam.


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