Subject Matter Expert (SME) Committees

In accordance with accepted industry standards and practices established for certification organizations, ACVREP is facilitating Subject Matter Expert (SME) committees for each its current certification programs (CLVT, COMS, CVRT and CATIS). ACVREP SME committees are responsible for the following activities:

  1. To continuously review and recommend further development of The Academy's professional standards and certification eligibility criteria.
  2. To assist The Academy in maintaining requirements for certification that are fair, represent appropriate rigor and serve to establish the minimum level of individual professional competency required to meet the responsibilities of professional service.
  3. To assist The Academy in developing items for the applicable certification exam based on The Academy's professional standards.
  4. To assist The Academy in the statistical analysis of the applicable certification exam. This activity serves to maintain certification exams that are rigorous and appropriately measure and assess individual professional competency relevant to The Academy's professional standards.

To learn more about ACVREP SME Committees or to apply for membership on one of the committees please read the attachments below. Please note that a special Recruitment Package and Application are being developed for the Audio Describer SME and will be available by the end of September 2018: