ACVREP Continuing Education (CE)

Recognizing the critical role continuing education (CE) plays in maintaining professional competence and one's ability to provide high-quality vision rehabilitation and education services to consumers, ACVREP policy requires all ACVREP certified professionals to participate in CE activities approved by ACVREP during the five-year certification cycle to be eligible for recertification.

This requirement serves to support ACVREP certified professionals in their efforts to continue their professional learning by engaging in CE activities that are designed, developed, and implemented in a manner that promotes and supports instructional quality and meets needs of professionals in the field.

How do I obtain the 25 Continuing Education (CE) hours I need for ACVREP recertification?

Q. What is the CE hour requirement under the ACVREP recertification criteria?

Under the recertification criteria, you are required to earn 100 recertification points every 5 years. A minimum of 25 of these points must be ACVREP approved continuing education (CE) hours. That amounts to an average of five (5) CE hours a year. Of course, you can obtain all 100 points in "Category 1 - Continuing Education".

Q. How do I obtain CE hours?

CE hours can be obtained by attending ACVREP approved presentations at conferences, workshops or in-service trainings, and also by taking ACVREP approved online courses, distance education programs, etc. Often by attending just one of the many ACVREP approved state, regional or international professional conferences, certificants can satisfy and even exceed the minimum CE hour requirement.

Q. What documentation do I need to submit to claim credit for my CE hours?

You will need to submit the following three items in order to document any CE hours you are claiming for recertification:

  1. The name of the CE activity/program.
  2. The date or dates of the CE program/activity.
  3. The number of CE hours you obtained, excluding meals, breaks, and business meetings.

Documentation to meet the above three items includes a Certificate of Completion.

Q. Do all CE hours have to be ACVREP approved?

Yes. However, there is one exception to this rule. If you take a university/college course that meets one or more of the 13 approved content areas, you simply have to submit a transcript(s) from the respective college or university; the transcript(s) will indicate where and when you took the course as well as the number of semester/quarter hours that were granted.

Q. How do I know which CE programs/activities have been ACVREP approved?

Please visit the "Continuing Education Opportunities' page. This page provides a current listing of all ACVREP approved CE programs/activities.

Q. How much does it cost to apply for ACVREP approval?

Please see the "Continuing Education Provider Information' page on our website. This page provides specific information related to all CE application and offering fees.