ACVREP launches a new study tool for the updated COMS exam

ACVREP has launced 142 question COMS Practice Exam for at cost of $65 that can be purchased on the ACVREP website at

The Practice Exam is unproctored and can be taken on your home computer. It simulates a secure testing environment by allowing only a specified amount of time - 4 hours - to complete the Practice Exam.  During that 4 hours if you log out you will not be able to log back in.  

Once you submit the exam, you will see the questions that you answered incorrectly by noting your answer in a filled radial button in the answer and then the correct answer will be noted with an asterisk before the answer.

When you purchase the exam you will receive an email with the voucher code and instructions for accessing the exam on ACVREP's online testing portal. If you don't see the email in your inbox check your spam or junk folder. If there are any other issues please contact for assistance.