ACVREP Extends Dates for Taking the LVT Beta Exam - More Test Takers Needed

A Beta Exam is available for up to 60 test takers. It is an important part of updating the LVT Exam to ensure that it continues to reflect the current Scope of Practice and Body of Knowledge in the field.

Applicants for certification wishing to take the Beta Exam can do so at a reduced fee of $220 and CLVTs who wish to use the exam for recertification can take the exam at NO COST and will pay $220 at the time of their recertification if they pass the exam and wish to use it for recertification in lieu of recertificants points plus the recertification fee. If a CLVT taking the Beta Exam does not wish to use it in the future for recertification there is no cost at all for participating in the beta exam.

Pass/Fail results of the Beta Exam will not be known until July. After at least 60 test takers have completed the exam their results will be professionally analyzed and the passing score will be set. At that time those who took the Beta Exam will be notified of their results

ACVREP encourages applicants and CLVTs to register for the Beta Exam. ACVREP President, Kathie Zeider stated, "Those participating in the Beta Exam become a critical part of the process of updating the exam to make certain that it represents the best practices in the field today. We have extended the beta period from two weeks to a full month to allow more test takers to schedule the exam at times that are convenient for them".

Please email to indicate your interest in registering for the Beta Exam

If you have any questions about this announcement please contact Kathie Zeider at the ACVREP offices at 520 887 6816 x 223.