ACVREP Posts for 30 Day Public Comment CLVT Direct/Indirect Definitions

The ACVREP Board of Directors on the recommendation of the CLVT SME Committee is posting for 30 days public comment the following definitions that are to be used in conjunction with the Clinical Competency Evaluation form to verify 280 hours of direct service.  Upon final approval of these definitions they will be incorporated into a revised form.

Direct Service:

  • Direct assessment, instruction and training of client,  care providers, and caregivers (including reviewing records and/or writing reports)
  • Direct communication (phone, email, text, in person, telehealth technology, etc.) with client, care providers, and caregivers regarding client’s vision rehabilitation program or follow up
  • Planning lessons or interventions directly related to the client’s plan of care
  • Conducting environmental assessments and recommending or making environmental modifications
  • Travel with the client for evaluation or training or community re-integration


  • Telephone calls with people other than the client, care providers, and caregivers on topics not related to direct treatment of the client
  • Observation
  • Meetings with people other than the client, client’s care providers, and client’s caregivers
  • Repairing equipment
  • Continuing educational activities not directly related to a specific client’s plan of care (e.g., attending a workshop, watching a video demonstration, reading a journal article, etc.)
  • Travel to and from the client
  • Providing education to the public or other professionals (e.g., giving a talk to a community organization, lunch in-service presentation, etc.)

All comments should be submitted in writing to