Posted for 30 day Public Comment CVRT Category 2 Eligibility

Currently Category 2 Eligibility allows C VRT Core Domain required courses to be taken on a nondegree, noncertificate basis from a third party accredited educational institution. The only third-party educational institution whose courses qualified has elected not to renew their accreditation.  Thus, currently, there are no qualifying alternatives to university programs.

Since January 2018, the CVRT SME committee has been reviewing any other options that might exist for an applicant to meet the Category 2 requirements.  The only path that they could identify was to cobble together from various universities, on a nondegree basis the needed courses, but given the cost and scheduling issues this was not considered to be a truly viable path for an applicant.

Absent being able to identify how an applicant could qualify under Category 2, the CVRT SME recommended to the ACVREP Board of Directors the elimination of CVRT  Category 2 at this time. 

The CVRT SME will continue to review courses available and, should they determine in the future that there is a viable nondegree or noncertificate path, they will revert to the Board with a recommendation to reinstate a Category 2 and provide definitive details of that path.

The public comment period is now open.  All comments will be reviewed by the CVRT SME Committee and the Board of Directors before a final decision on this issue is made.

All public comments should be submitted via email to