2017 Year in Review - Annual Activity Report to Certificants

We had a very busy and productive year working on your behalf.  In 2017 ACVREP accomplished the following:

  • Invested an additional $4,200 in the ACVREP website making it easier for employers to post new job opportunities for certificants and online purchase of study tools for COMS, CLVT and CATIS
  • Launched the CATIS beta exam and final certification exam and certified over 60 new CATIS (special thanks to the CATIS Subject Matter Expert Committee for their hard work)
  • Developed the 100 question CATIS Practice Exam study tool that launched 1/2/2018 (special thanks to the CATIS Study Tool Committee for developing this Practice Exam so quickly)
  • Launched the 193 question CLVT Practice Exam study tool (special thanks to the CLVT Study Tool Committee for their work on this and additional thank you to Board member Usha Kumar, CLVT, who worked tirelessly to help ACVREP edit and complete the Practice Exam)
  • Completed the second Annual Certificant Survey obtaining certificant feedback on important matters – your input is important and we have responded with improvements based on your feedback
  • Published winter and summer 2017 issues of the The Constituency Magazine - watch your email inbox for the winter 2018 issue that will be coming soon
  • Have a total of 133 approved CE Providers.  They listed 2,068 new CE opportunities during the year vs. 1,730 in 2016 an increase of 20% in CE listings year over year
  • Processed 427 eligibility applications
  • Scheduled 572 certification exams
  • Certified 345 new applicants
  • Recertified 587 certificants based on expiries for the year
  • Answered 3,312 phone calls and 4,240 emails from constituents
  • A total of 1,931 actions completed on behalf of constituents and 7,552 communications with constituents
  • Spent over 550 hours participating in Subject Matter Expert Committees,Task Force meetings and collaborations with other organizations to benefit the field. Volunteers invested over 3,500 hours participating on the Subject Matter Expert Committees, Task Forces and collaborations to benefit the field
  • Spent $22,960 on exam development in 2017 and are commited to spend an additional $12,000 in 2018.  The total spent in the past 3 years on exam development is $134,739 and including the commitment for the payment due in 2018, the total investment since January of 2015 in the certification exams is $146,759