ACVREP Launches a 100 Question CATIS Practice Exam Study Tool

This 100 question, 3 hour, online CATIS Practice Exam covers the content material relevant to the ACVREP CATIS exam and will enable you to test your knowledge in the Domain areas covered on the certification exam. At the end of the online Practice Exam, once you submit your test, you will receive feedback showing you all of the questions that were not answered correctly, what the correct answers are and the domain area of each incorrect question so that you may focus your further study prior to taking the certification exam.
The exam may be purchased for $65 on the ACVREP website.  It will allow you one take of the Practice Exam. 
Purchasing and taking the practice exam does not guarantee that you will pass the certification exam.
Thank you to all of the members of the CATIS Study Tool Committee who worked very hard to develop this practice exam.