ACVREP Discussion Poster Session at IMC 16 on O&M International Certification

ACVREP’s Vision is that all people with vision impairment receive services from highly qualified professionals.  Our Mission is to establish a worldwide standard of service delivery to people who are blind or visually impaired through the certification of vision rehabilitation and education professionals.

It is in the context of the organization’s Vision and Mission that the ACVREP Board of Directors charged the COMS Subject Matter Expert Committee in 2016 to review the barriers to certification that exist internationally and to recommend possible solutions.

After reviewing and discussing the proposal recommended by the SME Committee in April 2017, the Board took no action on the proposal pending the poster presentation to obtain feedback at IMC 16 and at the O&M AER Conference in Pittsburgh in July of this year.

Based on initial feedback from IMC 16 the concept was well received.  Feedback obtained from the two presentations will help gauge the interest of other countries/regions in certification and inform the SME Committee and the Board on potential modifications to the proposal presented for discussion.

To download and view the poster click on the link below or to download the accessible word version click the second link below

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