ACVREP 2016 Annual Activity Report to Certificants

Thank you for your continued support of ACVREP.  We had a very busy and productive year on your behalf.  In 2016 ACVREP accomplished the following:

  • Made enhancements to the ACVREP website making it easier for certificants to find Approved CE Opportunities and Job Postings on the website
  • Launched the new CATIS certification including the new CATIS Handbook and CATIS certification home page on the ACVREP website
  • Updated the CVRT Handbook and the CLVT Off-site Supervisor Manual
  • Conducted 2 beta exams and launched the new updated COMS and CVRT exams
  • Surveyed all certificants in the fall to obtain important feedback
  • Developed an ACVREP digital magazine that will be emailed to certificants the end of January
  • Have a total of 128 approved CE Providers an 41% increase over 2015. They listed 1,730 new CE opportunities during the year vs. 200 in 2015
  • Declared 557 applicants Eligible to take certification exam a 114% increase over 2015
  • Scheduled 641 exams a 34% increase over 2015
  • Certified 349 new applicants a 73% increase over 2015
  • Recertified 534 certificants based on expiries for the year
  • Answered 2,827 phone calls and 6,976 emails
  • A total of 2,081 actions completed on behalf of constituents and 9,803 communications with constituents
  • Spent over 500 hours participating in Subject Matter Expert Committees and Task Force meetings. Volunteers invested over 3,200 hours participating on the Subject Matter Expert Committees and Task Forces.
  • Spent $51,500 on exam development in 2016 and expect to spend an additional $50,000 in 2017