We have just made it easier for you to find these great website features.

There are two great features on the website, implemented in January of 2015, that certificants were having trouble finding;

Approved CE Opportunities

Jobs Posting Board

Originally, these two excellent resources were linked in Quick Links and through a box on the Certificant homepage. We have now made them easier to find.

We have added Tabs entitled "Find CE Opportunities" and "Find a Job" that will take you directly to the resource. They are the third and the fourth Tabs from the left/top on the website.

We have also created "boxes" on the Certificant/Recertification homepage with the same titles so you can find the resources from there as well.

Did you know that the CE Opportunities listed on our website are fully searchable?

You can search by provider, by location or online and by dates or on demand. What is really helpful if you don't have time to attend a conference, but still need CE points for Recertification you can click on the Tab "Find CE Opportunities" and search on that homepage for "all providers", "online", "on demand" and you will get a listing, in alphabetical order by provider, of all approved CE opportunities that can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

Thank you again for your feedback you provided in the Survey !