ACVREP Announces New Members of the COMS SME Committee

ACVREP wishes to express deep thanks to four key members who have served on the COMS SME Committee for the past 6 years since it was founded in 2010. They are Dona Sauerberger, Faith Dunham-Sims, Isaac York, and Dr. William Penrod.

Newly appointed members are Dr. Kathryn Botsford, Dr. Nancy Higgins, Dr. Justin Kaiser, Matt Vogel, Brenda Naimy, Lauralyn Randles, Jennifer Urosevic and Shay Utley.

They join existing members Chris Tabb, Kevin Hollinger, Dr. Kim Zebehazy, Lil Deverell, Dr. Rob Wall Emerson, Erica Ihrke and Dr. William Wiener whose term expires December 31, 2016.

The COMS SME committee will begin a regular five year review of the COMS certification criteria and an update of the exam in late 2017.

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