ACVREP Announces Improvement in the Certification Process Effective May 1, 2016

In order to treat all applicants fairly and equally, in July 2014 ACVREP began requiring a 30 day delay from the time an applicant registered for the exam until they could take the exam for the first time. This process ensured that all applicants whether they did or did not need special accommodations we treated equally.

As a result of this change it became necessary for ACVREP to schedule all exams for the applicants since our online test provider was not able to adjust in their scheduling calendar for the 30 day delay. Often multiple communications were needed with all test takers to find dates and times that were convenient for them to take the exam. This could be frustrating for applicants.

During the past year, ACVREP and our online test provider have been working together to address this issue. Effective May 1, 2016 test takers who do not need an accommodated or privately proctored exam will be able to register and link directly to the online test providers' website for scheduling their exam. The online test provider will show the first available date to be 30 days out. This will provide those test takers with the ability to directly schedule their exams. New test taker instructions will be posted on the website effective May 1 under Steps to Certification.

For those needing either an accommodated or privately proctored exam the process will remain as it is now, but there will be improved communication with the Certificate Services Specialist who will only be scheduling accommodated or privately proctored exams rather than all exams.

All test takers will be governed by the same minimum 30 day wait period for the first test date available.

ACVREP President, Kathie Zeider, stated "ACVREP is continually working on improvements to make the certification process more efficient for applicants. We want to thank our online test provider partner, Kryterion, for all of their efforts to make this improvement possible for our test takers."

For questions or more information please contact Kathleen Zeider by email at