ACVREP Launches New Certification for AT Instructional Specialist "CATIS"

By 2013 both mainstream technology and third party assistive technology solutions revolutionized the way in which individuals with visual impairments functioned in their personal and professional lives. Because of the critical role that assistive technology devices and training have on the independence and dignity of individuals who are visually impaired, a growing need exists for qualified Assistive Technology Instructional Specialists.

With the CATIS certification ACVREP has created a national standard in the area of assistive technology instruction for individuals with visual impairment and has established a clear roadmap to certification that includes the necessary training, experience and coursework required to meet the diverse needs of people with visual impairments in order to provide them with the highest quality of instruction possible.

To develop this certification ACVREP qualified and selected 12 subject matter experts from across the country based on their educational and technical background, as well as their professional accomplishments in the field of assistive technology for individuals who are visually impaired to begin developing this certification. In December 2015 the first draft of the certification criteria for CATIS was posted on the ACVREP website for Public Comment.

The ACVREP Board of Directors and the Subject Matter Expert Committee wish to thank all of the professionals and organizations that provided very thoughtful and detailed comments. This input was critical in ensuring appropriately rigorous criteria for initial Certification and establishing a cycle for Recertification based on best practices.

The ACVREP website pages for CATIS will be live and ACVREP will begin accepting Applications for Eligibility for CATIS certification on May 1, 2016. The first 150 applicants that are declared Eligible will be able to take the CATIS beta exam at the cost of $220 instead of the regular exam cost of $435. We will be processing the Eligibility applications over the next few months while the beta exam is being developed. We expect the beta exam to be offered in the December 2016/January 2017 timeframe.

ACVREP President, Kathie Zeider, stated, "The launch of the CATIS certification has been made possible by the commitment and hard work of the dedicated professionals who serve on the Subject Matter Expert Committee. ACVREP is grateful to them".

For more information on the CATIS certification please see the Handbook at Click here for the CATIS Handbook.