New Years 2016 Message To Certificants

Thank you for your continued support of ACVREP. We had a very busy and productive year.  In 2015 ACVREP accomplished the following:

  • Launched a new website and database allowing all processes to be completed and paid online and providing
    • Online Recertification Tracker to organize recertification points and documents
    • 24/7 account status information
    • Ability to search for approved CE events by provider, by date or by location or by online/on demand
    • Job Search page
  • Implemented a streamlined CE provider application and approval process and approved 94 providers under the new program who listed over 200 CE opportunities during the year
  • Declared 275 applicants Eligible to take certification exam
  • Scheduled 501 exams
  • Certified 218 new applicants
  • Recertified 727  certificants
  • That equals a total of 1,815 actions completed on behalf of applicants, certificants and CE providers
  • Conducted a CLVT beta exam and launched the new updated CLVT exam  
  • Developed a list of CLVTs who will serve as off-site supervisors for internships
  • Updated the COMS exam and announced the beta to begin in January 2016
  • Working with the Certified Assistive Technology Instructional Specialist (CATIS) Subject Matter Expert Committee developed the criteria for this new certification that will launch in 2016.
  • Spent over 300 hours participating in Subject Matter Expert Committees and Task Force meetings.  Volunteers invested over 2,400 hours participating on the Subject Matter Expert Committees and Task Forces.
  • Spent $48,600 to complete the CLVT exam update and begin the CVRT and COMS exam updates and has committed to spending an additional $100,000+ in 2016 to complete the update of the COMS and CVRT exams and launch the CATIS exam.

The Board of Directors and Staff of ACVREP wish you a wonderful 2016 !