ACVREP Announces the CATIS Certification Criteria for 30 Day Public Comment

One of the primary organizational values of ACVREP is that all people should receive needed vision rehabilitation and education services from competent and qualified professionals. In furtherance of that mission ACVREP has defined three key elements of its organizational purpose: (1) to develop and maintain current, field-driven professional scopes of practice and competencies for vision rehabilitation and education professionals that serve to promote the value and quality of services provided by ACVREP-certified professionals. (2) to recognize individual professionals who achieve certification by meeting rigorous educational and clinical practice requirements and demonstrate professional competence by passing the appropriate standardized certification assessment. (3) to ensure that ACVREP-certified professionals provide services in an ethical manner.

ACVREP has responded to the demand from the professionals and from organizations providing assistive technology services to people with visual impairment to create a certification for assistive technology instruction that will ensure that there is a benchmark of qualifications and best practices.

A professional who is a CATIS will have met significant educational and practical experience criteria and will have passed a rigorous exam. That professional will be qualified in the areas of assistive technology assessment, instruction, configuration and exploration for people with visual impairment.

The Board of ACVREP wishes to acknowledge and thank the CATIS SME Committee for their very detailed, thorough work and commitment in developing this criteria.

Click here to download the document:

The Board and the SME Committee welcome your comments. Once all comments have been reviewed and discussed with the SME Committee, the documents may be approved by the Board as presented or revised.

ACVREP has established an email address in order to receive your comments. It is critical that you place the word CATIS in the subject line of your email. We will not be directly answering your emails, but each Board member will read all emails. The comment period will remain open until January 18,2016.