ACVREP Posts the Updated CVRT Certification Documents for 30 Day Public Comment

As part of ACVREP's commitment to the CVRT profession, the organization has been working over the past year with the ACVREP CVRT Subject Matter Expert Committee to update the certification documents. At the December 15 meeting of the Board of Directors, ACVREP approved the updated documents for posting for the 30 day public comment period.

The Board wishes to acknowledge and thank the Subject Matter Expert Committee for their hard work and commitment.

The Board and the SME Committee welcome your comments. Once all comments have been reviewed and discussed with the SME Committee, the documents may be approved by the Board as presented or revised.

Click here to download the documents:

ACVREP has established an email address in order to receive your comments. It is critical that you place the word CVRT in the subject line of your email. We will not be directly answering your emails, but each Board member will read all emails. The comment period will remain open until January 18,2016.