Board Delays Final Decision on One Time Alternative Pathway for Six Months

The Board of Directors of ACVREP wishes to thank the professionals who took the time to provide thoughtful comments on the proposed One Time Alternative Pathway. A total of 78 comments were received. Opinions of the pathway were both for and against, but what is clear, is that of the people commenting, everyone is in support of welcoming international candidates and encouraging international certification. The best method to accomplish this was where our profession was conflicted.

Based on the comments received and the recommendations of the SME committees, the Board has postponed a final decision on the One Time Alternative Pathway for six months while it works with key stakeholders to explore options for a long-term sustainable solution to make the process of certification available to both domestic and international candidates.

The Board hopes that the field, working together, can identify a workable and sustainable long term solution that will make the One Time Alternative Pathway unnecessary.