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1. Perform quality O&M assessments and subsequent training to support the mobility needs of clients across all service areas to

include facility, home, work, and community venues. Develop goals and objectives following each evaluation to ensure that all

clients reach their highest abilities based on individual needs and desires. Collect pre and post data to measure service


2. Submit assessments, progress summaries, discharge summaries, daily notes, and invoices by procedure to support

reimbursement from all funding sources. Accurately document all services as determined by department policy to ensure timely

invoicing and to maintain good communication with Lighthouse staff, referring Physicians, and contracting agencies.

3. Provide individual and group instruction to participants in the New Vision and Next Step Programs for clients who qualify for

Older Blind services as outlined in the program curricula for O&M.

4. Collaborate with VRS staff to develop and implement youth services for the Light Steps and Forward Steps programs.

5. Collaborate with the vision rehabilitation team to optimize communication regarding client needs and plans for services across

all Lighthouse programs.

6. Conduct sensitivity training for new Lighthouse employees in the New Orleans facility. Conduct initial O&M assessments for

employees who have vision loss to identify needs for training to ensure their safety when navigating throughout the facility.

7. Conduct periodic assessments and training as needed to support Lighthouse employees who are blind to enhance their

efficiency, productivity, and safety on the job. Consult with management staff to resolve identified challenges as requested.

8. Collaborate as a member of the Mo-Mobility team to enhance blind pedestrian safety and public transit services for people who

are visually impaired or Deaf-Blind across the New Orleans and Baton Rouge regions by providing system assessments,

educational presentations, and interactive training opportunities to transit operators, city planners, community leaders, and

other stakeholders.

9. Participate in education and advocacy events to promote inclusion for people with vision loss. Provide sensitivity training to

teams of local businesses. Conduct environmental assessments for public venues. And engage with the community at outreach


10. Supervise O&M students as determined by university guidelines to ensure successful internships and to grow the field of Vision


11. Foster a team environment with effective communication and a coordinated approach to providing vision rehabilitation

services. Follow all Lighthouse standard operating procedures (SOP).

12. Perform other duties as assigned by the Director of Vision Rehabilitation Services.



  1. Education: bachelor’s or master’s degree from an accredited program with emphasis in Orientation & Mobility required; Certification as an Orientation and Mobility Specialist required.
  2. Special Knowledge/Skills: Proficient skills for assessing and teaching Orientation and Mobility in various settings; Knowledge of visual disabilities and effects on functional skills; Comfort working with people who may have additional disabilities: Effective teaching skills with ability to assess and adjust training to optimize progress; Strong troubleshooting skills; Superior oral and written communications; Ability to develop and perform professional presentations; Proficient in the use of Office software products and the internet required.
  3. Experience: Minimum of 350 hours experience instructing people with varying degrees of vision loss on the use of adaptive strategies and mobility aids for safe and independent navigation. Experience and proficiency to complete assessments and draft professional reports.
  4. Supervisory Responsibilities: O&M interns as required; Volunteers as required.
  5. Physical: Good physical health to support outdoor training during all seasons. Able to walk long distances and manage public transportation systems independently. Able to manage transportation and training for off-site instruction around client homes and businesses. Must be energetic and able to function in a dynamic office setting. Must be able to tolerate driving in all conditions for extended periods to support travel between Lighthouse locations and throughout the New Orleans and Baton Rouge regions. Able to travel throughout the facility to safely and effectively manage all work responsibilities, breaks, and emergency evacuations, with or without a reasonable accommodation. Able to manage all self-care needs and activities of daily living as required to support successful employment, with or without a reasonable accommodation.
  6. Personality Traits: Friendly, client-focused, and flexible; Professional in appearance and attitude; Creative problem-solver who is detail-oriented and works well with others; Collaborative spirit but able to work independently when needed; Mission-minded teacher who motivates clients and teams to achieve successful outcomes; Openly offers and accepts constructive feedback.
  7. Working Conditions: Outdoors, classroom, client home/work, commercial, and industrial environments. Frequent travel required. Mileage reimbursement provided to service providers who travel to/from client appointments. Valid driver’s license and clear driving record required with valid insurance.
  8. Work Schedule: Monday through Friday, 40 hours per week. Occasional weekend community outreach activities and training sessions.
  9. Background Check and Drug Test Required: Employment is contingent based upon satisfactory results.

This job description does not imply that these are the only duties to be performed. The incumbent in this position will perform such other tasks as may be required for the effective operation of the Division/Department upon request by his/her supervisor.


Accomplishments in these areas of responsibility will be the basis of the employee’s evaluation, continuation of employment and change in compensation.



Phone: 504-899-4501 229

Cert: Any Certification

Negotiable Salary commensurate with experience.


Sign-on Bonus - Negotiable

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