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Tennessee School for the Blind


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Specific Position Responsibilities:

General Administrative 

•      Provides leadership in identification of priorities and assures that all activities reflect those priorities and that priorities align with the Tennessee Department of Education’s strategic plan.

•      Prepares and recommends short- and long-range plans and implements those plans as approved by Commissioner and/or designee. 

•      Recommends drafts of new policies or changes to existing policies. Anticipates potential problems. Recommends policies as needed. 

•      Develops administrative procedures to implement policies for the efficient operation of the school and disseminates these procedures to appropriate staff. Monitors adherence to existing procedures.

•      Ensures that all local, state/federal standards for the health and safety of the students and staff are maintained and that required reports are maintained. 

•      Fulfills all statutory obligations and implements the education law of the

State of Tennessee and the rules and regulations of the State Board

•      Ensures an effective working relationship with the Tennessee Department of Education


Financial Management 

•      Provides direction to and supervision of school business functions.

Encourages development and implementation of sound business practices. Continually assesses business practices to achieve efficiency. 

•      Prepares a budget annually and submits it to the TDOE finance officer for approval. 

•      Creates and submits appropriate written reports detailing all receipts and expenditures of the school’s funds. 

•      Ensures funds are spent prudently by providing adequate control and accounting of the school’s financial and physical resources. 


Personnel Administration 

•      Employs such personnel to meet the school’s goals and mission within the limits of budgetary provisions and recommends to the Commissioner teachers who are eligible for tenure. 

•      Develops recruitment procedures to assure well-qualified applicants for all positions. 

•      Assigns and transfers employees to meet the efficient and effective operation of the school and reports such action to the TDOE human resources office for information and record. 

•      Ensures all staff have to the opportunity provide feedback and utilizes feedback collected to address school climate, school improvement, and school decisions.

•      Communicates effectively with staff to ensure transparency in school operations and personnel matters.

•      Provides an evidenced-based evaluation using the TEAM evaluation process for the principal annually. 

•      Establishes challenging goals and effective growth opportunities for direct reports. Provides evidence-based feedback regarding direct reports’ progress during the Interim I, Interim II, and Final Evaluation process. 

•      Addresses personnel issues effectively. 


Instructional Leadership 

•      Administers as chief school executive, the development and maintenance of a positive educational program designed to meet the needs of the community and to carry out policies. Ensures that a system of thorough and efficient education, as defined by state law, is available to all students. 

•      Ensures a challenging course of study to meet Tennessee graduation requirements for all students. Ensures student programming designed to meet the college and career readiness  

•      Oversees the timely revisions of all curriculum guides and courses of study. 

•      Develops guidelines and direction for monitoring the effectiveness of existing and new programs. 

•      Conducts a periodic audit of the total school program and advises the Commissioner and/or designee of recommendations for the educational advancement of the school. 

•      Seeks out available sources for grant funding to support programs and projects. 

•      Ensures that the goals of the school are adequately reflected in educational programming and operations. 

•      Monitors national best practices for educating blind and visually impaired students and aligns the overall vision and direction for the school to innovative, highly effective practices. 


Community/Public Relations 

•      Promotes community support of the school. Interprets programs and services, reports plans, events and activities of interest and solicits community opinions regarding school and educational issues. 

•      Identifies available community resources and links to social service agencies that support education and healthy child development. 

•      Develops strategies to promote parental involvement in their children's education and provides opportunities for parent-teacher interaction. Requires effective communication between teachers and parents.

•      Maintains contact and good relations with local media. In conjunction with the TDOE communications team, acts as the school’s spokesperson. 

•      Ensures that the school’s interests will be represented in meetings and activities of the TDOE. 

•      Represents the school and its interests in community organizations, activities, and projects.


Candidates must hold a master’s degree or higher, Tennessee teaching and administrative licenses and/or meet the teaching and administrative licensing requirements. Candidates must also have a minimum of five years of district- or school-level leadership experience, preferably in a principal role or higher. Preference will be given to candidates who hold a blind endorsement and/or have direct experience working with visually impaired student body.

Candidate may live in the provided on-campus housing or reside within the immediate Nashville vicinity.

Successful candidate will exhibit the following:

•      Excellence

•      Optimism

•      Judgment

•      Courage

•      Teamwork


Phone: 6152317300

Cert: Any Certification

Salary and Benefits:    Salary is competitive and commensurate with qualifications. In addition, a comprehensive benefits package is included.

To Apply:

Please e-mail a cover letter, resume, and contact information for three professional references to Applications are due by April 21, 2023. Initial interviews will be conducted virtually using Microsoft Teams with selected applicants during the week of April 24, 2023. Selected finalists will be invited to campus in early May to tour the campus during the school day and participate in a public interview that evening.