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1.       Certification as an Orientation and Mobility Instructor.

2.       Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree.

2.   Three years experience in working with students with visual impairments.

3.   Excellent communication skills.

5.   Such alternatives to the above qualifications that the NRC Board of Directors may find appropriate and acceptable.


LENGTH OF POSITION:  Pro-rated School-year schedule based on part time hours.  Summer work optional.





A.     Functional Travel Assessments

B.      Consultation to staff and parent/guardian

C.      Travel Instruction in school and community settings

D.     Instruction in pre-cane, cane, and/or sighted guide techniques

E.      Compensatory skill development e.g. low vision aids, use of other senses, spatial relationships

F.      Life skills training, e.g. daily living skills, social interaction skills, recreation and leisure


Phone: 7818786056

Cert: COMS