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The incumbent has the major responsibility for the coordination of services to visually impaired Veterans and their families, has full professional responsibility for visually impaired and blinded Veterans' cases that are difficult and complex both in terms of severity of the visual impairment and the presence of complicating physical and emotional factors, which impinge on the treatment process. The incumbent will consult with allied professionals as needed for each referral to develop a thorough understanding of each patient's comprehensive rehabilitation needs. Incumbent selects, interprets, and adapts traditional strategies in order to meet patient needs. The incumbent will work closely with the WBRC Admissions Coordinator and multiple team members at WBRC to ensure successful delivery of care through inpatient and virtual blind rehabilitation programs. The incumbent may also communicate with Veterans Health Administration (VHA), Department of Defense (DOD), and Military Treatment Facility (MTF) regarding care for eligible active duty service members (ASDM).

Using professional and administrative skills, he/she makes the WBRC team and other support staff aware of complex, medical, rehabilitation, social, psychological, vocational, economic and other factors which must be considered in developing a comprehensive and sensitive rehabilitation plan. Develops screening and procedural mechanisms, which will identify this target population within the medical center's catchment area and maintains appropriate linkages with the medical center and the community in support of program goals and objectives. As a key member of the WBRC the incumbent serves not only as a resource person in matters related to accessible technology training for visual impairments and/or arranges for the provision of appropriate treatment modalities for the purpose of enhancing the Veterans' functioning, resolving problems and meeting specific objectives established by the VIST.

The incumbent operates as an experienced professional, with full responsibility for the technical accuracy of patient evaluations and the soundness of recommendations. After identifying the visually impaired and blinded Veteran population, provides professional assessment of health care and related needs and arranges for the full range of authorized health care services. Develops and maintains effective working relationships with other specialists such as physicians, psychologist, educators, rehabilitation therapists, social workers, dietitians and other health care professionals in order to maintain a coordinated treatment program for those with multiple handicaps in addition to blindness. Provides assistance to the medical and allied health staff with the acquisition and replacement of low vision and sensory aids to assist in the blinded Veteran's rehabilitation and/or daily living needs.

As a specialist in the area of services to the blind and visually impaired, the incumbent is responsible for orientation of medical center staff to the WBRC Technology program and for development of informational materials and training programs that will assist staff, Veterans, and families to make better use of the program. Orients part-time physicians and/or residents in matters relating to his/her function with the VIST through lectures program for VIS members; consults with specialists on training needs and recommends training plans related to VIST functions.

Work Schedule: Mon-Fri 0730-1600
Telework: Not Available
Virtual: This is not a virtual position.
Relocation/Recruitment Incentives: Authorized
Permanent Change of Station (PCS): Not Authorized
Financial Disclosure Report: Not required


Phone: 6506149952

Cert: Any Certification

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