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Primary Responsibilities

  1. Assistive Technology (AT) Assessments and Reports: Perform assistive technology assessments that measure an individual’s functional capacity and most appropriately match the individual to assistive technology that will best meet their needs. Complete a written report that itemizes the recommended assistive technology and justifies, with specific information, how the Assistive Technology will meet the Customer’s needs.
  2. AT Training: Conduct training that increases awareness, skills, and competencies in the use of assistive technology so that the user may be proficient in its use.
  3. AT Delivery and Installation: Deliver and install assistive technology, including performing all labor required to assemble, deliver, set up, install, or otherwise make operable AT for a person at their residence, job site, or other location requested.
  4. Service Coordination and Support: Provide troubleshooting services to customers remotely, at home, in the workplace, or at a location determined by the customer. 

Secondary Responsibilities

  1. Device Reuse: Accept donations of assistive technology devices. Sanitize and refurbish AT devices for redistribution, perform repair activities, and manage open-ended loans.
  2. Device Demonstrations: Compare the features and benefits of a particular AT device or category of devices for an individual or small group of individuals.
  3. Device Loans: Provide and manage short-term loans of AT devices to individuals or entities.
  4. Information: Respond to requests for information and/or put individuals in contact with other agencies, organizations, or companies that can provide them with needed information on AT products, devices, services, or funding sources
  5. Assistance: Provide intensive assistance to individuals about AT products, devices, services, or funding sources.
  6. Instructional Events: Deliver classes, workshops, and presentations that have a goal of increasing skills, knowledge, and competency regarding AT.
  7. Technical Assistance: Provide direct problem-solving services to assist programs and agencies in improving their services, management, policies, and/or outcomes
  8. Public Awareness: Perform outreach activities and attend events intended to increase referrals to the AT program.

Tertiary Responsibilities

  1. Communicate with clients and stakeholders about service delivery.
  2. Participate in Team Meetings relating to clients to provide guidance on assistive technology matters.
  3. Maintain current knowledge base for assistive technology and workplace accommodations.
  4. Other duties as assigned.   


Phone: 731-668-3888

Cert: Any Certification