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Major Duties Includes but limited to:

  • The incumbent reviews and interprets pertinent patient documentation and records, including eye reports.
  • The incumbent serves as a Team Coordinator for each patient assigned to their caseload serving as a patient/team liaison, an information resource, and an advocate.
  • The incumbent independently assesses, plans, and instructs in all areas of assistive technology, including the use of specialized access software/equipment in order to operate a computer. In addition, the incumbent must have the ability to instruct the use of ZoomText, Zoom and Voiceover on mobile and tablet computing devices. This Specialist evaluates the ability of the veteran to use magnification, synthetic speech and voice recognition in order to perform word processing functions and other computer related activities.
  • The incumbent assesses the patient's background, interests, future plans, motivation, needs, and aptitude; evaluates the patient's functional visual capabilities, determines appropriate instructional techniques, implements training plans, and continues to reassess patient's needs and goal attainment throughout the rehabilitation process.
  • Recommending/justifying appropriate prosthetic devices to meet individual needs to be issued in accordance with national and local VHA standards and guidelines.
  • The incumbent also works with family members and/or significant others to educate and counsel about the ramifications of visual impairment. Educates the family and/or significant others to support Veteran's individualized rehabilitation program.
  • The incumbent should be well versed in Telehealth and telephone technical support for patients.
  • The incumbent documents, in accordance with established recording standards and procedures, all services performed on behalf of the patient: on-going progress, issues as they occur, steps towards issue resolution, and current treatment plan.
  • The incumbent attends general staff meetings, actively participating in all team meetings and preparing a treatment plan and progress notes per the programs policy and procedures.
  • The incumbent assists in the research and evaluation of new devices and techniques for inclusion into the team curriculum, and helping to evaluate prosthetic devices relevant to Access Technology.
  • The incumbent evaluates the patient's ability to utilize residual vision for accessing technology. Providing training in the appropriate utilization of assistive technology in a variety of environments.
  • Performing other duties as assigned; these include but are not limited to membership in committees, process action teams, service programs, research projects, clinical initiatives, and cross-training in other areas to meet the workload demand on the program and to meet the patients desired goals.

Work Schedule: Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm, or other Tour of Duty may be considered upon approval by supervisor; Saturday or Sunday may be required 7-9 times per year when covering residential program sessions.
Financial Disclosure Report: Not required
Recruitment Incentive: YesAuthorized
EDRP: Authorized: Contact Cynthia Powell, the EDRP Coordinator for questions/assistance

This position is eligible for the Education Debt Reduction Program (EDRP), a student loan payment reimbursement program. You must meet specific individual eligibility requirements in accordance with VHA policy and submit your EDRP application within four months of appointment. Approval, award amount (up to $200,000) and eligibility period (one to five years) are determined by the VHA Education Loan Repayment Services program office after complete review of the EDRP application.





Phone: 814-860-2764

Cert: Any Certification

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Apply by 9/12/22.