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Independent Contract Instructors


VisionLink is seeking independent contract instructors who are self-motivated to join our organization to provide classroom and one-on-one training to students with vision loss in both the in-person and remote settings.  On-line flexible hours are available, including evenings and weekends.  We are looking for instructors who are proficient and who possess the expertise in the following disciplines:


·         Access Technology (e.g., iPhone, iPad, Computer instruction)

·         Home Management/Independent Living Skills

·         Orientation and Mobility


Scope of Service (Reporting and Processes)

·         Provide instruction in areas identified through initial intake and assessment.    

·         Once goals have been identified, establish clear course objectives based on skill level and expected outcomes and effectively communicate expectations to students. 

  • Develop evaluation related to expected outcomes and record and maintain student progress as it relates to skill level.
  • The Instructor will work collaboratively with VisionLink staff reporting to the Director of Learning and Curriculum Development.  
  • The Director of Learning and Curriculum Development will work with the Instructor on intake processes and communication procedures. 
  • Students will be vetted through VisionLink’s initial intake process through the Enrichment Program where participants express an interest to receiving instruction. Instruction will be documented in a monthly report that provides initial evaluation, goals set and completion. 
  •  The Instructor will submit an attendance report to the Director of Learning and Curriculum Development by the 3rd day of each month for the previous month.


·         Relevant degree or certification in Assistive Technology, Rehabilitation Teaching or Education or related field preferred

·         Good interpersonal and communication skills. 

·         Good organizational, planning and documentation skills.

·         Ability to successfully teach a diverse group of adult students.

·         Minimum two years’ experience in education, rehabilitation or related field preferred

·         Previous experience in service delivery to individuals with vision loss preferred.

We believe all individuals participating in VisionLink programming should take part in the development of personal goals tailored to how they wish to live and function with the level of vision they possess. Participants should be supported to learn new skills to help achieve their goals based on the best practices instituted and approved by VisionLink.

Please send all resumes and cover letter to and in the subject line state: Instructor-Contract.



Phone: 215.627.0600 Ext. 834

Cert: Multiple Certifications

Caring is at our core!

Our Vision

VisionLink seeks to inspire all who are living with vision loss to thrive.

Our Mission

VisionLink is dedicated to assisting all who are living with vision loss to achieve greater independence through excellence in education and wrap-around support services that advance necessary skills and establish meaningful community connections.  VisionLink is committed to collaborating with local, regional and national partners to broaden access to resources and opportunities that enable those we serve to live their lives to the fullest.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

VisionLink is fully committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. We embrace the diversity within our organization and within the multi-faceted community we serve. We embrace the principles of equity, fairness, and inclusion and we remain committed to best practices for providing anyone, anywhere on the vision loss continuum with the education, tools, and wrap-around services that they need to navigate their communities, manage their specific visual challenges, and live their fullest lives.  

At VisionLink we realize that there are many forms of diversity including racial, gender, sexual identity, cultural, religious, economic, ability and disability, and we work diligently to be open and welcoming to all. Our work is collaborative – with those we serve, with our professional staff, with healthcare professionals, with community partner organizations, and with other human services agencies regionally and nationally.  We believe that this collaborative framework, across disciplines and communities, as well as our commitment to serving those with vision loss makes our organizational efforts more diverse, more equitable, more inclusive, and more sustainable over time.