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Job Summary:

The Orientation & Mobility Specialist provides vision therapy and rehabilitation services to employees and consumers with visual impairments to improve their functioning in mobility and activities of daily living.  



·         Provide O&M services to the visually impaired of all ages

·         Maintain a caseload of all those seeking O&M services

·         Conduct initial and on-going assessment of orientation and mobility skills for visually impaired employees and consumers

·         Assess visually impaired employees/consumers functioning in areas such as vision, orientation and mobility skills, social and emotional issues, cognition, physical abilities, and personal goals

·         Identify and discuss mobility/travel goals and objectives with visually impaired employees and consumers

·         Teach visually impaired employees and consumers to travel safely, efficiently, and independently using a variety of O&M skills and techniques

·         Teach appropriate cane skills/techniques including cane use with a guide, diagonal techniques, constant contact technique, and two-point touch technique

·         Teach on the use of mobility devices and equipment, such as tactile maps, optical devices, pre-canes/adaptive mobility devices (AMDs), electronic travel aids (ETAs), GPS devices, and long canes for the development of O&M skills

·         Write reports and complete forms to document assessments, training, progress, goals, and follow-up outcomes

·         Provide O&M contract services to those under Texas Workforce Commission, San Antonio Independent Living Services, Veterans Affairs, and the local school districts

·         Conduct presentations in the community, such as awareness and in-service training, to educate community and staff about O&M Program services

·         Other Duties as assigned



·         Bachelor Degree in Orientation & Mobility, Special Education, Social Work, Sociology, Psychology, or related field

·         Master’s Degree preferred

·         ACVREP Certification required (must be obtained within 90 days of hire, or completion of internship); certification must be kept active and in good standing

·         Minimum of one year experience working with blind and visually impaired individuals

·         Knowledge of principles and methods for curriculum and training design, teaching and instruction for individuals and groups, and the measurement of training effectiveness/outcomes

·         Knowledge of eye diseases



·         Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including ability to work and communicate with professionals, parents and children that have a visual impairment and/or other disabilities

·         Strong public speaking skills

·         Ability to prioritize and meet deadlines

·         Ability to work independently, and as a team



·         Must be able to lift up to 15 lbs.

·         Must be able to stand for long periods of time.

·         Must be able to conduct repetitive motions on a daily basis.


To apply for this position please visit:



Phone: 2105335195

Cert: COMS