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Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist (COMS)

The person in this position provides instruction in long cane travel and other adaptive aids to blind and low vision residential and day clients who are participating in the Center’s rehabilitation program. In addition, the COMS develops and updates the curriculum followed when providing this instruction. Primary focus will be on developing and increasing skills for safe walking in a variety of environments and conditions. For each client participating, the person in this position assesses needs, develops a service plan to meet those needs, maintains current records of client progress, coordinates services with those provided by other staff, and completes reports on level of skill development and recommendations for devices, equipment, further training, and other services. The encouragement and support of clients to accept their vision loss, to participate in Center activities, and to embrace an attitude of independence and problem-solving using alternative techniques is fundamental to all activities.

The person in this position travels throughout rural parts of Alaska by both plane, car, or boat to deliver services to blind Alaskans. The person will coordinate trips with community health care providers, independent living centers, native corporation contacts, and optometrists/ophthalmologists. This person will facilitate low vision clinics to provide thorough assessments of functional remaining vision in clients who come for service then compose detailed reports to send to their eye care professionals as well as funding sources. Included in each report will be a list of recommended devices to maximize remaining vision with consideration for client lifestyle and daily activity goals. The report will also include observations relevant to establishing pertinent changes in functional usage of vision and recommendations for training. The encouragement and support of clients to accept their vision loss, to participate in Center activities, promoting a cheerful outlook, self-advocacy, and independence are all fundamental components to this position.All staff must to comply with requirements as defined in grant conditions, contract stipulations, partnership agreements, Community Rehabilitation Program Standards, and any other requisites of funding sources, inspecting and evaluating agencies, and/or service partners.


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