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1.       Strives to implement by instruction and action, the School’s philosophy of education and instructional goals and objectives.

2.       Implement all School policies and procedures.

3.       Ensure the safety of all students.

4.       Participates in annual orientation and in-service programs

5.       Evaluates the students in the areas of Orientation & Mobility and makes referrals for further evaluations, when needed.

6.       Develops plans, and implements Individual Education Plan (IEP) for each student in conjunction with the Principal.

7.       Maintain records of evaluations and student’s progress.

8.       Provides instruction to staff and parents to encourage consistency across environments.

9.       Provides in-service training to staff from information gained through reading, lectures, courses, etc.

10.   Participates in student staffing’s, IEP meetings and parent meetings.

11.   Assumes responsibility for anticipating equipment and supplies needed to implement the program and assumes equal responsibility for keeping equipment and supplies in working condition.

12.   Performs such other student related or programmatic tasks and assumes such other responsibilities as assigned by Principal.

13.   Sets an example for the students and the community as a representative of St. Joseph’s.

14.   Implements all school policies and procedures.



Phone: 201-876-5432

Cert: COMS