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Natrona County School District has an opening for a Certified Teacher of the Visually Impaired. Dual certification as an Orientation and Mobility Instructor is a plus. Must hold Wyoming PTSB Exceptional Specialist-Visual Disabilities K-12 or Exceptional Generalist K-12 endorsement.

$12,000 signing bonus available for successful new employee hires. $6,000 dollars given for the first year, and $2,000 paid at the end of each school year if there are successful evaluations and contract renewal. Signing bonus may be prorated based upon start date. 

Purpose Statement
The job of Vision Specialist is done for the purpose/s of providing assessment, instruction and program recommendations for students with visual disabilities; providing support services and consultation for other staff members and parents; and using adaptive equipment and materials, Braille, Nemeth Code, Large Print and/or CCTV's Assistive Technology, etc.

This job reports to Director of Special Services and Building Principal

Essential Functions

  • Assesses and interprets the complications of the visually impaired student's eye condition in relation to his or her education for the purpose of creating an individualized program for each visually impaired student.
  • Collaborates with a variety of stakeholders (e.g. classroom teachers, physicians, special educators, parents, aides, state and local agencies, etc.) for the purpose of coordinating programs and services for each visually impaired student.
  • Communicates with a variety of stakeholders (e.g. students, parents, special and regular educational personnel, the student's sighted peers, etc.) for the purpose of assisting them in understanding the student's unique educational needs and providing information about availability of local and state services and programs.
  • Directs assigned individuals (e.g. interns, practicum students, education support specialists, etc.) for the purpose of providing guidance, monitoring performance, providing for professional growth and achieving overall objectives of school's curriculum, and ensuring program objectives are achieved.
  • Instructs assigned support staff for the purpose of providing information on visual impairment, use of assistive devices and techniques and/or implementing prescribed treatment plans.
  • Maintains required reports and data collection (e.g. student progress, provision of services, etc.) for the purpose of providing documentation in accordance with state and federal regulations and district objectives.
  • Participates in IEP meetings for students with visual impairments for the purpose of evaluating and adjusting each student's learning plan to ensure a successful outcome for the student.
  • Performs specialized instruction and services for the purpose of meeting the unique needs of each visually impaired student.
  • Provides assistance to the classroom teacher in academic subjects or activities that require adaptation or reinforcement for the purpose of meeting each visually impaired student's educational needs.
  • Provides instruction in multiple areas as deemed appropriate for each student (e.g. assistive technology, expanded care curriculum, Braille, Nemeth Code, Abacus, Slate & Stylus, etc.) for the purpose of implementing appropriate teaching tools to ensure a successful learning environment and outcome.
  • Selects and orders a variety of instructional materials (e.g. Braille books, supplementary materials, educational aids and equipment, etc.) for the purpose of providing materials and equipment needed by the visually impaired student.
  • Trains school personnel working with the visually impaired student (e.g. essential in-service training concerning the visually impaired, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring a successful learning environment for each student.

Other Functions

  • Performs other related duties, as assigned, for the purpose of ensuring the efficient and effective functioning of the work unit.

Education:  Bachelors

Certification and Licenses:  Appropriate State of Wyoming Licensure


Phone: 307-253-5455

Cert: Multiple Certifications

To be considered, please apply online at under the careers link.