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ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

  • Assists in ensuring services provided to consumers are person-centered and meet the consumers’ needs by:
  • Assess, through dialogue with consumer and team, the consumers’ training priorities                                          
  • Actively participates in the CLC Community of Practice (COP) in order to support learning of peers, contribute articles and discuss experiences and challenges. 
  • Plans lessons and provides skills training in the area of communications based upon the findings of the evaluation, using specific methods and adaptations required to teach individuals who are DeafBlind.
  • Participates in EPM and team meetings to share information pertaining to consumer skill development, progress and transition to place of residence in home state. Supports the transdisciplinary team effort to enable the consumer to meet his/her individual goals.  Supports the vocational goal as it is related to the skills of CLC.  
  • Documents consumers’ skills during training sessions to monitor progress by maintaining case notes and preparing training reports; identifies challenges and constraints; develops strategies and remedies; and provides formal reports to VRC’s.  
  • Performs program and department management activities needed for the smooth flow of service to the consumer in the Communications Learning Center area. Assumes additional responsibility for equipment maintenance and replacement.
  • Performs/participates in activities that promote professional development: HKNC in-service training, workshops, conferences, visits to schools, agencies and professional reading. Participates in classes and workshops (some agency provided) to gain proficiency in sign language, braille, and other specialized areas that may be helpful to work at HKNC.


Bachelor’s degree in rehabilitation teaching, deaf education, special education or related field required, preferably with experience teaching individuals who are DeafBlind, Deaf, Blind or have multiple disabilities.

Proficiency in American Sign Language preferred, or will be expected to learn and to develop skill in American Sign Language and braille to a working level of proficiency. Strong writing skill required for writing reports. 


Phone: 5168338301 Ext:268

Cert: Any Certification