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Early Intervention Visual Impairment Specialist Responsibilities:

  • Provides home visits to families, supporting parent/child interactions through developmentally appropriate play activities.
  • Works with families to develop curriculum appropriate for a child with vision impairment.
  • Provides family with information about visual diagnosis and effects of vision loss on early childhood development.
  • Conducts developmental and functional vision assessments using observation, parent interview and formal assessment strategies.
  • Provides social/emotional and crisis support to families as appropriate.
  • Plans and implements family events, providing information and parent to parent support.
  • Refers families to community resources.
  • Actively collaborates with community-based providers of related services to overcome family barriers, such as language, culture and income.
  • Consults with professional community on behalf of children and families (attend medical visits; IFSP, IEP sessions; program visits, etc.).
  • Provides workshops and trainings for parents and professionals.
  • Follows agency guidelines for participation in the National Registry of Early Childhood Vision Impairment Project.
  • Provides monthly accounting of client contract hours.
  • Provides information regarding program services to Development Department on request.


Phone: (310) 981-7185

Cert: Any Certification

Required Education, Skills, and Experience:

  • B.A.,B.S. degree required or M.A. degree in Special Education, Social Work, Child Development, Orientation and Mobility, Infant or Early Childhood, or Social Work.
  • Teaching credential in Vision Impairment, Orientation & Mobility, Early Childhood Special Education, and/or a Certificate in Early Childhood Education preferred.
  • Professional preparation in the education of children with vision impairments, orientation and mobility, infant or early childhood development, and/or social work.
  • Experience as a home teacher.
  • Experience working in multi-cultural situations preferred.
  • Experience/training in Active Learning techniques of Lilli Nielsen preferred.
  • Child and Family Counseling background.
  • Bilingual (Spanish) required.