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Early Intervention Visual Impairment Specialist Responsibilities:

  • Provides home visits to families, supporting parent/child interactions through developmentally appropriate play activities.
  • Engages in family-centered and culturally responsive practices.
  • May conduct visits in community settings, including center-based programs, schools or hospitals. 
  • May conduct visits through telehealth as applicable based on Department of Developmental Services/Regional Center recommendations, and/or family need as applicable.
  • Works with families to develop curriculum appropriate for the unique learning needs of their child with vision impairment or multiple disabilities within natural daily routines.
  • Provides family with information about visual diagnosis, early development and effects of vision loss on early childhood development.
  • Conducts developmental and functional vision assessments using observation, parent interview, authentic assessment strategies and formal assessment tools.
  • Participates in the development and implementation of each child’s Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) and outcomes in collaboration with the family and education team, providing progress reports as required by each Regional Center or Local Education Agency.
  • Provides social/emotional and crisis support to families as appropriate.
  • Helps parents advocate effectively for themselves and their child.
  • Must be able to utilize phone and computer software to provide telehealth visits (zoom, conference calls, etc.).
  • Plans and implements family events, providing information and parent-to-parent support.
  • Assists in the development of new services and materials.
  • Refers families to community resources.
  • Actively collaborates with community-based providers of related services, including medical and educational providers, to help identify children with vision loss and developmental delays and provide access to services as part of Child Find.  
  • Consults with professional community on behalf of children and families (attend medical visits; IFSP, IEP sessions; program visits, etc.).
  • Provides workshops and trainings for parents and professionals.
  • Serves as public relations representative of the agency, as necessary.
  • Completes and maintains client case files and client data base, including
  • Face Sheet, Home Visit Log Notes, intake forms, Developmental Profile, Family Program Plan, Physician Reports, Correspondence, Reports of Medical Visits, IFSPs, IEPs, assessments and Medi-Cal documentation.
  • Follows agency guidelines for participation in the National Registry of Early Childhood Vision Impairment Project.
  • Provides monthly accounting of client contract hours and maintains ongoing communication with Regional Center and LEA Case Managers for timely submission of documentation for contract renewal.
  • Provides monthly report on productivity and plans for follow up on visits for children/families not receiving all of their service hours.


Phone: (310) 981-7185

Cert: Any Certification

Required Education, Skills, and Experience:

  • B.A.,B.S. degree required or M.A. degree in Special Education, Social Work, Child Development, Orientation and Mobility, Infant or Early Childhood, or Social Work or other related field.
  • Teaching credential in Vision Impairment, Orientation & Mobility, Early Childhood Special Education, and/or a Certificate in Early Childhood Education preferred.
  • Experience as a home teacher.
  • Professional preparation in the education of children with vision impairments, orientation and mobility, infant or early childhood development, and/or social work.
  • Experience working in multi-cultural situations preferred.
  • Experience/training in Active Learning techniques of Lilli Nielsen preferred.
  • Child and Family Counseling background.
  • Bilingual (Spanish) required.