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Essential Functions:

  • Assess client  appropriateness for  keyboarding  and  computer  use.
  • Assess clients  to  determine  appropriate adaptive software needs.
  • Teach fundamental keyboarding  skills based  on  proper  touch-typing  techniques  and  age-appropriate  curricula,  using  adaptive  software  for  individuals  with  visual impairment.
  • Teach advanced keyboarding  skills,  designed  to  improve  speed  and  accuracy.
  • Prepare lesson  materials  based  on  individual client  needs.
  • Conduct weekly tests  of  keyboarding  speed  and  accuracy.
  • Develop and provide  practice  exercises  for  speed  and  accuracy  improvement  to  meet  individual needs of  clients with  varying  degrees of  vision  loss.
  • Prepare homework  assignments  to  be  completed  on  a  daily/weekly  basis,  based  on  individual needs and  goals.
  • Develop instructional materials  and  lesson  plans  for use  in  teaching  computer  and  access technology  skills.
  • Provide  instruction  to  clients  in  computer  skills,  access  technology  skills,  and  the  use  of  smart phones  and  tablets  using  current  software  and  adaptive  technology.
  • Stay abreast  of  and  knowledgeable  about  apps  specifically designed  for  users  with  visual impairments.
  • Attend meetings  and staffings  to  discuss client  progress.
  • Complete all  reports as  required  by  Agency  and  funding  sources  to  document  client  progress, including  evaluations,  goals,  and  daily and  monthly progress.
  • Complete statistical information  accordingly  with  DBS  and  Agency  requirements.
  • Report any  issues  within  computer lab  to  Program  Manager  to:
    • Ensure equipment and  software  is  current.
    • Maintain working  applications  between  adaptive  software  and  applicable  computers.
    • Ensure equipment  is in  good  working  order.
    • Assist  in  evaluating  hardware  and software  and other  adaptive  devices  donated  to  the  Agency.
    • Attend required Agency  meetings  and trainings.


Phone: 727-544-4433

Cert: Any Certification

Physical  Demands:

  • Ability  to  lift  equipment  used  in  performing  job  responsibilities (e.g.  computer  towers,  monitors,  etc.)


  • Pass background checks
  • Employee is responsible  for  timely  transportation  to  and  from  all  community-based  instruction, training,  education, and  presentations.
  • If privately  owned  motor  vehicle  is  utilized  for  employment-related  travel,  the  driver  must  possess a valid  Florida  driver’s  license,  good  driving  record,  and  proof of  the  following  level  of  motor vehicle insurance:   $100,000 /  $300,000  bodily  injury,  $50,000 property  damage,  and  work  purposes endorsement.

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