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KY OVR McDowell Cntr for the Blind


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Key Responsibilities:

  • Serves as a team leader in certified field of expertise, Orientation and Mobility (O&M), and is responsible for the direction, oversight, and meeting the training objectives of blind and visually impaired consumers and the rehabilitation program.
  • Evaluates and develops specialized training plans and instructs blind and visually impaired consumers in services such as O&M, business travel, public transportation navigation, and other services that can lead to obtaining a successful employment outcome or independent living skills.
  • Modifies, enhances, and fabricates rehabilitation technology devices to meet the individual needs for persons with significant disabilities.
  • Provides consumer and employers with information on accessibility, reasonable accommodation, disability awareness and etiquette, and American Disabilities Act (ADA) information training.
  • Interprets and explains state and federal rules and regulations and agency policy. Assists in writing guidelines, department materials, and policy.
  • Maintains partnerships with private and public entities. Serves as a resource person for transportation engineers, the community, and other rehabilitation personnel. Serves on task forces and/or special teams.

Minimum Requirements

EDUCATION: Must have COMS or NOMC and be a graduate of a college or university with a master's degree in rehabilitation, rehabilitation teaching or therapy, guidance and/or counseling, psychology, sociology, orientation and mobility, social work, special education, education with emphasis in vocational counseling or a related field.


EXPERIENCE, TRAINING, OR SKILLS: See Special Requirements.






Phone: 502-420-5923

Cert: COMS

COMS or NOMC with Bachelor or Master degree