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Leader Dogs for the Blind


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• Participates in the development of department goals, objectives and systems. Evaluates effectiveness of services, recommends improvements and executes new approaches in a continuous cycle of quality improvement.

• Assesses client orientation and mobility levels, determines needs, recommends services and conducts training to meet needs. Assesses and recommends the client’s need for services of related professionals.

• Provides field services to O&M clients in home, school and work environments. Provides education and awareness on Leader Dog services to the community.

• Provides location technology instructional services to clients, including GPS and other adapted devices.

• Provides management and direct instruction to university O&M interns and practicum students.

• Manages all case related documentation and correspondence in a timely manner. Maintains data on applicants, services rendered and post graduate activity. Responsible for monitoring follow-up and providing additional training as needed.

• As needed, participates in the admission process and recommends client acceptance into the Leader Dog program.

• Takes leadership in the ongoing development and implementation of all O&M and guide dog client and professional related services and training materials.

• Participates in all Summer Experience Camp activities.

• Actively recruits, develops and maintains relationships on behalf of Leader Dog with O&M and other related professionals.

• Provides other services and additional duties as needed.

• Performs other duties as assigned.



Phone: 248-651-9011

Cert: COMS

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