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WFS - Vision Rehabilitation Instructor


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The primary purpose of the position is to organize, develop, and implement individualized course instruction for blind and visually impaired adult students referred for braille instruction. In addition, your position provides supplemental instruction and support in Assistive Technology, Living Skills, and Financial Management as needed.  

  • Provide initial and ongoing assessment of student’s ability to both read and write Literary Braille, using the Hatlen Center Braille assessment and/or Braille Too, or other UEB assessment upon implementation of the UEB code.
  • Determine appropriate, attainable goals based on assessment.
  • Teach tracking skills, tactile discrimination skills and the Braille alphabet.
  • Use Braille Too: an Instructional Braille Reading and Writing Program for Secondary Students, a comprehensive instructional program of 10 units that covers reading and writing the Braille alphabet, contractions, punctuation and Literary Braille numbers. UEB instructional program will be used upon implementation of the code.
  • Administer tests of both reading and writing skills.
  • Expose each student to the practical use of Braille.
  • Coordinate with The Hatlen Center staff to reinforce the practical use of Braille when appropriate.
  • Teach Braille, when appropriate, through use of electronic note takers with refreshable Braille displays.
  • Coordinate with The Hatlen Center staff to establish a weekly teaching schedule.




  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in a related field.
  • Past accomplishments of providing instruction to the visually impaired in the areas of braille, computer technology, and independent living skills.
  • Training and/or certifications in the areas of computer literacy with adaptive technology for the blind and visually impaired is preferred.


  • Knowledge of typing, braille, assistive technology and independent living skills, and the ability to teach blind and visually impaired adults.
  • Knowledge of and ability to instruct blind and visually impaired individuals in the use of braille, assistive technology and independent living skills equipment.
  •  Knowledge of related office equipment for instructional purposes.
  • Ability to oversee instruction in braille, assistive technology and independent living skills.


Wayfinder Family Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We support a drug-free workplace and conduct pre-employment background and drug screenings.


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