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Greenbush - The Education Service Center is seeking applications for Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments in the Northeast Kansas - Kansas City, KS area. 

Anticipated start date: August 2, 2021. Position will remain open until filled. Equal Opportunity Employer.

JOB SUMMARY: The primary role of the Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments (TSVI) is to provide services to children with visual impairments from birth to high school in order to successfully access learning to make adequate developmental gains. The TSVI is responsible for the evaluation, implementation and progress monitoring of children according to the Individual Education Plan.



1. Bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited college or university.

2. Valid Kansas teaching licensure with applicable endorsement or eligible for waiver / provisional
3. Relevant teaching experience.
4. Knowledge of relevant technology.
5. Ability to travel between sites on a daily basis
6. Must be able to change schedule and daily routines on short notice
7. Effectively communicate solutions to complex problems


1. Master's degree from an accredited college/university
2. Kansas TSVI teaching endorsement
3. Demonstrate proficiency in Braille translation
4. Knowledge of technology and video conferencing.


Essential Functions:

1. Receive referrals from participating area special education agencies and complete follow-up promptly.
2. Participation in the development of Individualized Education Plans.
3. Develop positive working relationships with administrators and teachers
4. Knowledgeable about current and evidence-based practices (technology, resources, etc.)
5. Provide direct instruction in Braille and translate print into Braille using a variety of assistive technology devices and resources
6. Conduct functional vision/learning media assessments and produce written reports
7. Provide instruction in the development and maintenance of skills to meet the learner’s unique needs from Birth to 21.
8. Schedule time efficiently for assessment, instruction, planning, preparation of materials, travel and conference with relevant school and other key individuals.
9. Assure that supplementary materials, educational aids, and equipment needed by the student with visual impairment, and the classroom teacher, are provided in a timely manner to ensure the student’s maximum participation in all classroom activities.
10. Provide assistance to the classroom teacher in academic subjects and activities of the classroom that, as a direct result of the student’s visual impairment, require adaptation for the student.
11. Share responsibility with classroom teachers in the identification of instructional areas in which the student requires assistance
12. Provide in-service as needed regarding the needs of students with visual impairments.

General Responsibilities:
1. Maintain timely documentation.
2. Support the mission, goals, and objectives of the SEKESC.
3. Demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills.
4. Maintain strict confidentiality as outlined by FERPA and HIPAA.
5. Ability to work alone and in groups to provide services.
6. Maintain professional relationships with families.
7. Assume responsibility for individual professional growth by staying current with literature, research, and/or practices.
8. Demonstrate proficiency in ability to effectively and regularly communicate with other employees of the SEKESC and constituents.
9. Complete all assignments in a timely manner including communication with other staff and families.
10. Follow all safety requirements as directed by the SEKESC.
11. Regular and predictive attendance in designated work location as determined by the Executive Director or designee.
12. Perform other duties as assigned by the Executive Director or designee.

1. Lifting up to 40 pounds.
2. Manage all job duties with mobility, agility, and dexterity.
3. Sit/stand for long periods of time.
4. Work in loud/stressful environments.
5. Ability to drive in varying weather and geographical conditions.
6. Being exposed to infectious and contagious diseases.
7. Being exposed to hazardous materials.
8. Being exposed to work settings that offer a risk to personal security and that are not ADA compliant.

Excellent benefit package:  Supporting employees and their families is important to Greenbush. We provide access to exceptional Health, Dental, Vision, and Life insurance options for all employees who work 20 hours or more a week. Additionally, Greenbush participates in the Kansas Public Retirement System (KPERS) and provides excellent 403B plan options. Greenbush contributes to each and every employees retirement plan by matching up to $90 a month for any Greenbush employee that contributes to one of the 403B plans. Employees also can participate in flex spending accounts and salary protection programs. All employees are provided with sick days, personal leave, and holidays subject to the length of their contract. Equal Opportunity Employer

In addition to the benefit package, Greenbush recognizes the importance of continued education throughout an employee’s career and offers the Greenbush Education Reimbursement Plan to support employees in their education endeavors. The plan provides an opportunity for any Greenbush employee working at least 1,004 hours per year to be reimbursed up to $1200 per contract year for tuition costs. Employees of Greenbush meeting the hour requirement can apply to participate in the program by completing the Tuition Reimbursement Application Form. In addition, Greenbush offers a Professional License Reimbursement Program, which provides full reimbursement for professional licenses with specific Kansas licensing authorities and other appropriate authorities (a complete list can be provided upon request).

For complete benefit package information, direct your questions to the individual listed under the Job Contact Information section.

TO APPLY, go to:


Phone: 6207246281

Cert: Any Certification