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Job Title: Teacher of the Visually Impaired

Salary:  NC Teacher Salary + 16% supplement 

Benefits:  Full Benefits


·         NC Teaching License- 88083 Visually Impaired

·         Valid North Carolina driver’s license

·         Experience with technology, low vision devices

·         Experience with providing instruction for students with disabilities. Sufficient data management skills

·         Such alternatives to the above as the Board finds appropriate and acceptable

·         Preferred Special Education Certification

·         Preferred experience with braille instruction

Reports To:

Exceptional Children Coordinator in collaboration with School Administrator (includes input from Executive Director of Exceptional Children)

Performance Responsibilities:


·         Possess skills and abilities necessary to provide and coordinate specialized instruction for students with visual impairments to provide appropriate materials in supporting student learning 

·         Collaborate and communicate effectively with district and school staff, administrators, teachers, service provider professionals, parents and community to support understanding, acquiring information, and interpreting the unique needs of student with visual impairments

·         Ensures the implementation of required federal, state and local policies and procedures affecting students with disabilities at all assigned schools.

·         Provide technical expertise as needed, and assist with student assessments during the initial evaluation and reevaluation process.

o    Support school based teams to include evaluations and assessment of individual needs of student

o    Possess the knowledge and skills to complete functional vision and learning assessments

o    Interpret assessment results when needed

·         Responsible for specialized instruction and services required to meet the unique educational needs of students with visually impairment

o    Support IEP teams to establish appropriate goals and objectives.  Aid in design programming and implementation of an IEP

o    Promotes the use of research-based practices

·         Establish a schedule to provide service delivery aligned with student programming needs

·         Attends and participates in meetings such as school based PLC, district level supports, assistive technology team, state level supports, etc.

·         Orient and mentor service providers and staff for supporting learning of students with visual impairments

·         Coordinate new referrals and manage schedule and caseload to maximize efficient utilization of collaboration for student learning 

·         Assist school staff and parents with transitions between educational levels (e.g., preschool to elementary) and programmatic levels as students move within the district and continuum of services.

·          Keep accurate records.

o    Maintain a current registry of students with Visual Impairment and/or Deaf/Blind for local, state and federal maintenance of records. 

o    To include required NCDPI reporting systems and submission of  reports in a timely manner.

·         Prepare sequential and meaningful instruction geared to the student’s assessed needs, IEP goals and objectives, functioning, and motivational levels. This instruction should be reflected in weekly or monthly lesson plans, as appropriate and in coordination with collaborating teachers/service providers. 

·         Provide assistance to the classroom teacher in academic subjects and activities of the classroom that, as a direct result of the student’s visual impairment, requires adaptation for the student.

·         Provide materials and teacher support for instruction which allows for the student to participate in core curriculum including students who receive services on the Extended Content Standards

·         Consult with assessment team to determine appropriate testing materials and modifications

·         Conduct functional vision/learning media assessments and produce written reports.

·         Maintain a current reference library of professional materials and resources.

·         Performs other related duties as assigned.


·         Demonstrate knowledge of current special education program state and federal regulations.

·         Demonstrate ability to relate in a positive way to include sensitivity to race, creed, color, national origin, gender, sexual/gender identity, class, socioeconomics, ethnicity, sexual orientation, cognitive/physical ability, diverse language fluency, religion, status as an English Language Learner, marital status, pregnancy, parenthood, or other characteristics protected by federal law for the diversity of students, staff, parents and community. 

·         Ability to work cooperatively with staff, administrators and support personnel in a team approach to solving individual student needs.

·         Ability to communicate orally and in writing with clarity. 

·         Demonstrate ability to use conflict resolution and crisis intervention skills.   

·         Demonstrate ability to plan, organize, facilitate and implement meaningful professional development activities.  

·         Ability to maintain high ethical standards and confidentiality throughout all duties.  

·         Must model and maintain exemplary punctuality and attendance.

Terms of Employment: Ten-month year; Salary in accordance with certification and placement on the adopted schedule.  

Evaluation: Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with the Board of Education policy on the evaluation of teachers.



Phone: 919967821128299

Cert: Any Certification

Certification in Teacher of the Visually Impaired required; Interested candidates should apply at