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Maryland School for the Blind (MSB)


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Essential Functions:

1.   Provides departmental leadership, staff evaluation and staff representation.

2.   Evaluates, develops, implements, provides, monitors, and reports on student IEP O&M programs to students on and off campus throughout the State of Maryland.

3.   Conducts in-service training programs on individual and group basis and disseminates O&M information to others. 

4    Acts as an active department member, sharing responsibilities and workload.

5.   Participates in necessary school and student meetings.

6.   Transports students to training sites.


Marginal Functions:

1.   Performs additional duties as assigned.



Equipment Used: A variety of canes and adaptive mobility devices; a variety of low vision devices; tape recorder, Braille writer, map making equipment, vehicle, keyboard/computer equipment.

Performance Standard: Must assume 100% commitment to collaborative, interdisciplinary service delivery model.  Must assume 100% commitment to work with parents.  Must also assure compliance with all health, safety and program standards. 

Work Environment: Multiple indoor and outdoor environments on and off campus with varying sound, lighting and temperature conditions.

Work Schedule: 35 day/evening hours per week, Monday through Friday with a 30-minute unpaid lunch break; flextime within the workday is frequently required; weekend or overnight hours are required infrequently; this position follows the standard 11-month school schedule.


Experience and Skills:


  1. Requires a minimum of O&M Certification by a recognized University Program or Bachelor's Degree in O&M; is ACVREP certified or certifiable* in the field of Orientation & Mobility.
  2. Comprehensive knowledge of O&M techniques and teaching approaches and their application to the instruction of students/clients with multiple disabilities and visual impairments/blindness.
  3. General knowledge of anatomy and physiology of the eye including eye diseases and conditions.
  4. Valid driver’s license and clean driving record required. Business insurance is required within first month of employment.
  5. Ability to effectively organize and share O&M information during one-to-one discussions, small group activities, and large in-service presentations.
  6. General knowledge of anatomy and physiology of the eye including eye diseases and conditions.
  7. General knowledge of supervisory management techniques.
  8. Comprehensive staff evaluation techniques.


After six months in this position, the employee is required to have:

1.   Comprehensive supervisory management techniques.

2.   General knowledge and application of departmental responsibilities, philosophies and expectations.

3.   Comprehensive knowledge of assigned students' O&M needs program.

4.   CPR/First Aid and TCI certification.



Phone: 512.660.2750

Cert: COMS

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