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Responsibilities, Tasks & Duties:

1. Prepare, adapt, and provide instruction for students with vision impairments.
2. Work cooperatively with general education and special education personnel; assist with classroom intervention strategies, student support, and instruction.
3. Prepare, adapt, and provide instruction for students with vision impairments.
4. Adapt curricula and use evidence-based teaching practices based on student need.
5. Supervise students in varied school environments.
6. Use technology to support student's low vision needs in the classroom setting.
7. Provide ongoing communication with parents and professional staff regarding instruction, student progress and the educational needs of students.
8. Consult with District personnel relative to educational services and support for students with vision impairments.
9. Meet all case management responsibilities related to instruction, assessment, progress monitoring, and IEP development.
10. Maintain confidentiality of student information, consistent with district policies and practices.
11. Participate in teacher training as required.
1. Valid Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Licensure #825.
2. Knowledge of special education, vision impairments, use of Braille.
3. Knowledge of research-based instructional methods applicable to students with vision impairments.
4. Knowledge of texts, materials and supplies necessary to carry out instruction for students with vision impairments.
5. Knowledge of current literature and information resources applicable to teaching students with vision impairments.
6. Ability to critically evaluate student achievement and adapt curriculum to meet their educational goals.
7. Ability to use data and assessments to impact instruction.
8. Ability to maintain rapport with students and manage classroom environments.
9. Ability to communicate effectively.
10. Ability to constructively advocate for students with disabilities.

Candidates who apply prior to the posting deadline will receive first consideration.

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