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Bestwork Industries For the Blind has an opening for an Orientation and Mobility (O&M) Specialist. The O&M Specialist is responsible for teaching adults who are blind/visually impaired, to travel as independently, safely, and efficiently as possible in any environment. They provide direct instruction that includes, cane techniques, travel options and experiences, transition and technology when appropriate. The O&M Specialist teaches travel skills; plans and provides individualized O&M programs while positively motivating our employees  develop appropriate skills, attitudes, and knowledge; utilizes a variety of instructional techniques appropriate to our employees abilities; and creates a safe and orderly learning environment.

Perform orientation and mobility evaluations that focus on long- and short-term needs of our employee’s. As well as new hires that come to the work place.  Identify the needs and strengths of the adult and an estimate of the length and frequency of service necessary to meet determined needs and include such information in the assessment report.  O&M skills that will encourage the adult who is visually impaired to travel independently in these settings and in the future.

E_mail: Catherine Eisenhower

Phone: 856-424-2510

Cert: COMS

Part-Time/Full Time