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Instructor - CLVT/COMS

Provide formal and informal training, guidance and assistance to educators, parents, service providers and agencies: as needed to a variety of students with visual impairments. Provide direct instruction to children with visual impairments. Serve as a resource to regular and Special Education teachers in designing short term instructional objectives as specified in the IEP.

Job Description:

  • Direct, train and supervise instructional aides: as assigned.
  • Maintain the highest level of confidentiality in all matters relating to students and parents.
  • Keep current with issues, laws and regulations regarding Orientation and Mobility Services and Special Education, educational trends, and other issues related to children with exceptional needs.
  • Provide training, assistance and guidance to students, parents, educators and agencies regarding services to the visually handicapped.
  • Attend in-service training, conferences and meetings: as needed.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.

Education and Experience

MA/BS degree in Special Education with endorsement in VI or Visual Impairments and/or Orientation and Mobility is required. Extensive successful and responsible experience working with visually impaired youth in a school setting is highly desirable.

E_mail: 705-675-2468 x 5423

Phone: 336-727-2083

Cert: CLVT

  • Experience in teaching Braille and very familiar with reading and writing Braille and Nemeth Code.
  • Knowledge and capable of operating and teaching Assistive Technology to students who are blind and/or severely visually impaired; i.e. JAWS,
  • ZOOMTEXT, Mobile Manager, Computer Programs, Digital Listening Devices and Braille Translation Software.
  • Experience in: performing Vision and Media Assessments and writing these reports.
  • Familiar with Orientation and Mobility concepts in order to provide direct instruction for the purpose of assisting visually impaired students to move about independently in the school and in the community, evaluate the progress of program participants and conduct on-going reviews of the IEPs.
  • Be flexible and receptive to change.
  • Would prefer concurrent CLVT and COMS certifications.