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This work involves evaluating and assessing needs, capabilities and limitations, goal setting and prescribing a treatment plan for individuals experiencing blindness/visual impairment caused by injury or disease. The Specialist works as part of a team coordinating care for blind and visually impaired Veterans. The specialist is responsible for developing and coordinating the Veteran's Interdisciplinary Plan of Care (IPOC) with input from the Veteran and all team members.

The essential elements are the independent evaluation, treatment, and management of a blind and vision rehabilitation program of instruction that teaches Veterans with visual impairments to utilize adaptive skills and techniques necessary to cope with the demands of everyday life. These needs constitute significant physical, emotional, and social disabilities.

The Blind Rehabilitation Specialist studies visual and non-visual barriers and related processes that result in activity limitations, participation restrictions, loss of vocational and avocational opportunities, and psychological distress. In providing direct services, they use diagnostic and therapeutic techniques and instrumentation to identify and resolve or minimize these problems.

This Blind Rehabilitation Specialist is responsible for training veterans in all areas of Activities of Daily Living, Adaptive Kitchen Skills, Braille, and Communications skills including various types of computer access technology for communication. These skills encompass a broad range of activities including personal grooming, food preparation, eating skills, household management, time management and labeling techniques that serve to increase a person's independence in their home and personal life. The specialist also teaches communication skills including Braille, typing or keyboarding, handwriting, and the use of assistive technology to accomplish tasks such as storing and retrieving information, reading, managing financial records, etc. Technology includes but is not limited to: PC and Apple computers with screen reading and enlargement software, accessible note taking appliances; tablets and smartphones (iOS and Android); OCR devices; and on line access solutions.

The Specialist is responsible for assessing veterans to determine abilities, limitations, goal preferences, and learning ability in each of the areas of the Living Skills program in order to recommend appropriate the appropriate training program to meet the Veteran's goals and needs. The specialist individualizes training to a pace and style compatible with the Veteran's needs and ability to maximize independence and efficiency.


Phone: (650) 694-6000

Cert: CVRT

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