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Maryland School for the Blind (MSB)


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Check out this opportunity!

·         To work at a residential school for the blind on a beautiful 95-acre campus

·         To work with a variety of students and their families

·         To work full time (35 hr. work week) 

       with flexible scheduling…most of us work a 4-day work week

·         To work with 10 enthusiastic O&Mers who have diverse teaching philosophies

·         To work in public school settings through our outreach & contractual services

·         To receive a full benefit package and a salary based on your experience and educational level


Our MSB students (The best part of the job!) range in age from 3 to 21, in cognitive level from academic to functional life skills, in physical ability from no challenges to severely challenged, in placement from day students to full time residential, and in O&M skills from indoor routes to public transportation. 


Our large department is a GREAT place for new graduates to learn and grow in a supportive and mentoring environment. It is also a MOTIVATING place for the experienced O&Mer to share ideas and stimulate new teaching approaches.


MSB is located in Baltimore, Maryland – only 20 minutes from city life and 30 minutes from country life. We are 3 hours from the Atlantic Ocean; 2 hours from the mountains; 3 hours from New York City; and 1 hour from Washington DC. Everything you are looking for is within reach. You can’t beat the location.


Quick, pick up the phone; and call to discuss any questions you may have or to schedule an interview. Our interview process is a fun-filled day of interview, observations, meet and greet at lunch with the O&M gang, and lots of time for your questions! Free overnight dorm housing may be available so you can arrive the night before and rest comfortably prior to the interview or stay afterwards and scout out the area…or both!


We are looking for just the right person…

someone who will bring new ideas and energy to our department.

If you love O&M and enjoy working with a highly motivated and productive team,

it could be you!



Come and interview to join our O&M family


Contact Chris Tabb

  Call:  512.660.2750 or E-mail:

Learn more about our school at…MSB Website:


Phone: 512.660.2750

Cert: COMS