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Hadley Institute for the Blind


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Roles and Responsibilities:

-    Work individually and as part of a team to determine and provide an array of Assistive Technology learning opportunities

-    Design, develop, and deliver engaging implementation-driven Assistive Technology workshops, podcasts and learning environments for the Hadley learning community

-    Provide learners with an interactive on-line, application driven overview of assistive technology trends that will impact all individuals with visual impairments

-    Participate in a variety of committees and workgroups to realize and implement Hadley 2.0’s vision

-    Assess any current hardware and software to determine if features are available that might provide future workshop possibilities

-    Analyze the information gathered through Hadley’s research and advisory panel to make recommendations for specific technologies for workshops and instructional video series

-    Explore and review mainstream and AT hardware and software tools at every available opportunity through public beta testing and free trials, vendor online training

-    Know the major publications, conferences and web resources related to assistive technology to update Hadley’s best practices

-    Present and participate in conferences and educational events on Hadley’s evolving assistive technology learning opportunities

-    Collaborate with Learning Experts in Assistive Technology to make appropriate, informed decisions on the most appropriate and effective workshops

-    Explore self-teaching opportunities to gain knowledge on current practices and various forms of technology

-    Know the primary professional journals, list serves, social media, and conferences related to technology, low vision and blindness, and assistive technology

-    Know the various assistive technology products available

-    Know the major manufacturers and how to receive updates on new features and compatibility issues

-    Continue to study, apply and advance knowledge of computers, operating systems, assistive technology and mainstream software


Phone: 8477842762


Education and Qualifications:

-    A bachelor’s degree in an area related to the subject matter of the learning domain; advanced degree preferred

-    Preferred certification in assistive technology instruction

-    Competence in the use of mobile learning devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android Phones and Amazon tablets, as well as their accessibility features related to the blind and visually impaired community

-    At least three years of experience working or teaching in the subject matter

-    Previous experience working with people who are visually impaired

-    Competence with Apple, Android and Windows accessibility features related to the blind and visually impaired

-    Competence with application software such as MS Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, Pages, Numbers, Keynote and Apple Mail

-    Competence in the use and instruction of a variety of screen reading and screen enlargement programs (JAWS, VoiceOver, NVDA, ZoomText and Zoom)

-    Prior distance education learning or teaching experience


Additional Qualifications:

-    Strong written and verbal communication skills

-    Clearly spoken English

-    Organizational skills

-    Work well independently and with a team

-    Flexibility

-    Excellent time management skills