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Service Provision:

  • Develop engaging curricula, and implement effective activities to align with agency philosophy and achieve all contract deliverables.
  • Conduct Comprehensive Functional Assessments.  Develop required Individualized Training Plans.
  • Model the highest standards of client advocacy.
  • Assist in the adjustment counseling of clients as necessary; evaluate client progress towards individual goals.
  • Communicate regularly with local blindness consumer organizations.

Case Management and Reporting:

  • Communicate as required with Division of Blind Services counselor(s), LCF case managers and other staff as appropriate to expedite each client’s movement through service delivery.
  • Enter required documentation into the Apricot database in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Document all benchmarks for clients with appropriate service records and required reports.
  • Produce accurate and timely procurement requests.




Phone: 407-898-2483

Cert: Any Certification

Relocation will be considered