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  • POSITION TITLE: Vision Rehabilitation Therapist,Full-time, exempt

  • Master’s Degree in Vision Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT) or Teacher of the Visually Impaired (TVI)

  • Two (2) or more years relevant experience working with adults who are blind/visually impaired, preferred

  • ACVREP certification or be eligible for certification within 12 months of hire date, required

  • Knowledge and skills in the areas of adult rehabilitation, vocational training, and/or visual impairment/blindness

  • Proficient in use of Microsoft Office Suite

  • Accountability: Strong attention to details, meets or exceeds professional expectations, timely, meets deadlines

  • Communication: Excellent professional written and verbal communication skills, efficient and appropriate communication with families and other support services, maintains confidentiality specific to student and family information

  • Initiative: Motivated in seeking challenges and growth opportunities, willingness to take on new job responsibilities, eager to create efficiencies to better the programs, seek out support to ensure proper completion of job tasks

  • Adaptability: Open to new ideas, flexible, able to respond productively in procedural changes within the organization, work in a team setting to meet the needs of children and families

  • Collaboration: Ability to work well with others, encourages teamwork, open to sharing ideas, work in tandem with all support services to meet the needs of children and families




Under the direction and supervision of the Director of Adult Services, is responsible for providing direct instruction (group or individual) to blind/low vision clients, assessing their needs and teaching adaptive independent living skills.



  • Assesses client's knowledge and skills in all areas of personal and home management skills, and communication skills, and develops individualized plans of instruction to meet client’s needs.

  • Carries out a program of instruction with individuals and small groups in food preparation, personal self-care, budgeting, medication management, understanding, diabetes management, household organization/cleaning, clothing care and identification, home and kitchen safety, personal grooming, eating skills, etc.

  • Makes careful observations and evaluations concerning clients' progress and maintains appropriate records.  Participates in client staffing and prepares monthly progress and statistical reports on assigned clients by due date.

  • Consults with other staff members and appropriate community resources on behalf of client.  Is an integral member of the rehabilitation team, coordinating the individual training with other client services.

  • Participates in departmental and agency-wide planning and evaluation functions.  Makes recommendations to the Director of Adult Services concerning vision rehabilitation therapy sessions.

  • Participates in the public education function of the agency as needed.

  • Maintains a working knowledge of local and national resources and of significant trends in the field of blind rehabilitation through review of the literature and participation in seminars and professional organizations.

  • Other duties as assigned.


Phone: No phone calls

Cert: CVRT